Update – October 28, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner and Christmas is on the horizon. Between them though are two pretty big deals for me.

The first is the Extra Life Childrens’ Hospital fundraiser. All of your donations can be directed right to your local childrens’ hospital, so please support their efforts to make kids lives a little less painful when they have to pay a hospital a visit. The premise of this event is for me to not only stay awake for 24 hours gaming, but to not make a horses ass out of myself too badly while doing it. Around the 16 hour mark, I’ll be doing my usual Sunday thing and hosting Loaded Dice Radio for 2 hours of Derick and I talking about social issues, comic books, games and whatever else crosses our fragile little minds.

For the entirety of the Extra Life event, I will be airing my gaming over the Loaded Dice Radio ustream feed and taking Skype calls on our hotline. So feel free to drop in from time to time and make sure I’m awake, not yelling at someone who just killed me for the thousandth time, or just rambling incoherently. My kid loves to come see what Dad is up to, so you’ll probably see and hear a lot from her as well. I might even play a game of Candy Land and then rage quit when she destroys me as she always does.

Now, the other thing that I’m up to in November and December is the launch of my latest novel; Rebel Queen. I created an IndieGoGo campaign for the release for a few reasons, first to get the word out and second to know just how many physical copies I should be ordering. That winds up in mid-November so if you want a signed copy that the only way you’re going to guarantee yourself one. All of the funds raised there are being used to bring in copies and mail them out at no extra charge.

I spent the better part of a year working on Rebel Queen and I’m pretty proud of where the story took me. It’s definitely my best work so far, so if you know anyone that likes to read, or likes to read fantasy novels, please share the campaign with them. In the interim you can always check out my other books over on Amazon where I have paperback and Kindle copies available of my current books.

Alright. Enough self-promotion. Everyone enjoy your Halloween, make sure you observe Remembrance Day and then get started on that whole crazy Christmas roller coaster.




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