Turning over a new leaf

So, in case you’ve visited this website before, you’ll notice some big changes. If you haven’t been here before…shame on you. Kidding.

Now, the biggest change is that I will be using this website as more of a blog with a little shameless self-promotion. Frankly, I got bored with a static website that really only served as raw information with none of my…flare. This will give me a chance to do more writing that invovles much less prose and much more opinion. I’ll be adding a bunch of links to my social media, talking about how my work is coming along, plugging podcasts or writers that I enjoy…I may even start taking review requests. It’s all up in the air because every now and then a guy’s gotta throw a monkey wrench into his own comfortable little box.

Stay tuned, subscribe if the urge compells you (don’t worry, you’ll only receive updates from me) and comment your little black hearts away.




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