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Daughter of Vengeance receives a great review from Readers Favorite

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Daughter of Vengeance by David Temrick is a spy story where Michelle finds herself in a world of betrayal, murder, and espionage against her wishes. She is led into it and trapped there. She is then trained to become a spy and she commences her life as such. The trials awaiting her are hard and strenuous. Her masters are plotting to destroy the peace of the Kingdom of Rouen without her knowledge.

The genre of espionage, betrayal, and murder makes the theme very intriguing and gives the story an aura of mystery which will encourage readers to finish the book in one go. There are a lot of twists and turns and the sub-plots of the story have been woven well with the main plot. The development of each character and the evolving of the story is also something that must be mentioned. The narration is descriptive, giving clarity to the scenes. The element of fantasy in the settings gives it a surreal ambiance.

Fantasy elements have been used and enjoyed from the time classics were written because they always enchant and captivate readers. Will Michelle be trapped in the world of espionage or will she be able to escape? Will she be able to guide the people in the right direction and save them from being destroyed?

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