Draconis' Bane --- Dragon magic has faded from the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the power they exercised over the elements has failed. Already Terum has reverted back to being covered by volcanic ash and great storms destroy ships and palaces alike all over the largest continent.  Prince Tristan Vallious is born into this uncertain world and not unlike many children of royalty, he's arrogant and abusive. The King and Queen have no choice but to send him to the border under the command of his older brother. There he can work out his issues while defending his country against all kinds of creatures, both men and other of a less savory sort.  Before he can assume his new post, he is attacked by a magical assassin, placing him in a coma. The Nightmare Spell used is a terrible fate and most die within a week of being plunged into their own worst fears, losing the will to live quickly. Tristan now stands at a crossroads and the weight of the world of both men and dragon rest on his shoulders.

What a great start to a series! Draconis’ Bane has all the elements of a great fantasy. The hero, Prince Tristan, is young and flawed and will have to go through some major changes before reaching his full potential. The Seven Kingdoms suffer from lack of Dragon magic and they have to figure out a way to bring it back before it is too late. However, there are those who will stop at nothing to sabotage their quest. Will they succeed in time?
Overall a great novel.

– Momto4BookLover

I picked this book up hoping that it would live up to the summary, and I was blown away! The beginning is a little rocky, but smooths out remarkably quickly into a compelling story with richly fleshed out characters. The premise behind a few of the parts is a little thin, and the bonding between some of the characters seemed a little forced, but great pacing, fantastic imagery, compelling plot, and an overall greatly compelling world. The author did such a good job with this first book that I can’t wait to watch his development as a writer as well as the development of his world.
 – Auryc
The story is very interesting and will keep you reading. The characters are well written and easy to like or hated. The main character and the changes he goes through are interesting and deep.
 – EnjoyTeddy
I’m a sucker for fantasy novels involving dragons and magic, so naturally I picked this one up. No disappointment here! Loved the storyline and the creative twists and turns the plot took. The author told this story as he envisioned it, unapologetically including a fair amount of blood and death, but I’m not complaining. I was left devoid of any expectations as I continued reading and settled comfortably into the wild ride of not knowing what was coming next. I love that element of thrill and surprise in a book. For anyone who enjoyed The Game of Thrones or Eragon, this is in the same vein. I look forward to reading Book 2 and picking up where this one left off. Excellent story.
– Monica LaSarre

Deadly Intentions --- War has broken out in the Seven Kingdoms. From small conflicts between long time friends, to open siege warfare in the country Tristan Vallius was entrusted with; Terum. A bold mercenary leader has seized control of the capital of Terum and while Tristan wages war to free his country from the shackles of oppression, a deeper conspiracy is taking form.  Meanwhile, now that dragon magic has returned, the elder dragons struggle to bring balance to the world. Bethis, a powerful youngling dragon has had her growth artificially accelerated in order to provide Terum with a patron to offset the ecological damage that continues to ravage that country. Even as she comes into her power, she and Tristan face a growing unrest to the north.  The remnants of the Draconis' Bane cult have found a new and much more dangerous leader who is more than willing to make alliances with the most lethal and murderous races known to the world of Amesdia. Time is in short supply and the fate of thousands rest on the shoulders of an inexperienced dragon and a deeply troubled Prince.

This is a great book for fans of fantasy stories and/or readers that love stories set within medieval times. Prepare yourself for magic, dragons, brave warriors, and royal feuds as the saga continues in this sequel to Draconis’ Bane. I personally love the fact that dragons are given credit for personalities, emotions, and a pride in their history instead of just being depicted as brainless, violent creatures of mass destruction.

– Goddess of Literature

Deadly Intentions compliments the first book in the story beautifully !! I thouroughly enjoyed the first book (Draconis Bane) and was all to eager to grab up the second!!
I’m looking forward to more from this author.
I would like to see more detail within the storys… perhaps a prologue before the first one involving dragons and the history behind them.

– Rhodes

This is a fabulous story with great potential. I enjoy fantastical stories with knighthood, statehood’s and historical creatures. This book has just that. The author packs a high dose of detail that aims to position the reader in a time long ago.

– DreamScriber

I enjoy fantastical stories with knighthood, statehood’s and historical creatures. This book has just that. The author packs a high dose of detail that aims to position the reader in a time long ago.
Pick up this book if you enjoy a good fantasy story.

– Joshua Cintron


Daughter of Vengeance --- A young lady is thrust into a world of espionage, betrayal and murder against her will. A survivor at heart, she befriends a master assassin who takes Michelle as her apprentice. Her new taskmaster is demanding and sparing in her praise, but Michelle is resolute in her desire to prove herself worthy.  After years of training and careful planning, she begins her life as one of the Kings many spies and returns to a world much more prepared for the trials that await her. Unknown to her, and her masters, a plot has slowly been unraveling which will not only destroy the fragile peace of the Kingdom of Rouen, but could descend the world into chaos and war.  Can Michelle rise above the short-comings and failures of her predecessors and set right the wrongs done centuries before? And will her life be the ultimate price she pays for the sins of others?

Michelle was not exactly what I expected. She was abused before she became an assassin, and with her past and her occupation, I expected she’d be a hard, bury-my-emotions character (or a crazy, angry one). But she wasn’t. She was more mildly traumatized than anything. I liked her, but she wasn’t what I thought she would be.

Michelle worked on her own quite a bit, and she traveled between batches of characters. So even though there were a lot of other characters in the book, none of them had really enough page time for me to comment on them.

The story starts out all nice and simple – Michelle is kidnapped and used as a concubine, an assassin takes out her kidnapper and takes her on as an apprentice. Then it goes all sorts of different directions. There’s assassin training, some magical stuff, good assassins and evil assassins, death threats, and even a messed-up romance. And, of course, lots of great action.

One thing I thought was a neat touch was the afterlife perspective. Michelle’s story was interspersed with her dead father’s reactions as he watches her life play out. Some of the dead relatives were great characters, and I thought the whole idea of her dad watching was cool.

– Jalyn

First off, I’ll say that I love the fact that “Daughter of Vengeance” has a strong, independent and fierce main female character that kicks butt and takes names. Michelle is the type of female character that resonates with female readers and makes us eager to keep on reading as the action and adventure moves along. Michelle’s quest to prove herself and her capabilities under her trainer, as well as to uproot the far reaching plot set before her is one that sucks in readers and keeps them on the edge of their seat until the thrilling ride is over.David Temrick has a true gift in capturing the spirit of adventure and fierceness that this kind of book genre is known for, bottling that essence into Michelle’s character as well as the plot and writing a truly enjoyable novel. The writing is smart, engaging, vivid, refreshingly unique and fast-paced. Overall, “Daughter of Vengeance” is a fun and lively read that was worth the purchase.

– L. Collins
This book covers every facet of Michelle’s life in great detail; from her emotional development to her views on men and women to religion in Varania. I must say that I LOVED the fact that she had a clearly defined power set, and a cool one at that. The pacing is quick and never leaves the reader bored; however, I found to be a little too fevered at times.
The thing that I feel holds Daughter of Vengeance back from greatness is a certain fundamental lack of editing. As an author, I know that it can be tough to catch everything wrong with a book; however, I feel that certain things in this title will keep it from being as well-received in the highbrow community. These mistakes did NOT trip me up, nor did they detract from the story, yet, as a reviewer, I feel they deserve a mention.
If I say too much more I will ruin the story, so I will say this: If you are a fan of assassins, Dungeons and Dragons, or any sort of action, fantasy series then check out this book.
 – JB Maynard
Michelle has a violent entrance into the world—a jealous confrontation between her father and the man who wants her mother leaves her an orphan. As she grows, she demonstrates magical powers and has a great beauty that set her apart—and they make her a target. When she’s imprisoned as a concubine for a lecherous Earl, she’s about to give up hope when an assassin (Samantha) takes her under her wing and begins to teach her how to fight; she also meets others who begin teaching her to control and use her magic. Michelle is soon plunged into a world of great danger as an enemy from her past and rogue assassins from the Brotherhood threaten her safety, that of the people she loves, and the kingdom itself.
“Daughter of Vengeance” is a gritty fantasy, and Michelle is a capable, resilient main character—from the beginning, you pull for her to find happiness (which makes the romance that develops toward the end of the novel very satisfying). Her refusal to feel pity for herself and to keep moving forward makes you empathize with her, rather than feel sorry for her, and that makes her a character you can invest in as a reader. The other main characters are equally well done—Fred and Samantha feel like friends by the end of the novel, while Wesley is a chilling villain in his unpredictable path toward seizing power.
I also enjoyed the world the author built—one filled with magic yet grounded in the pragmatic reality of the everyday, where people struggle to survive and plenty of evil roams. (Some of my favorite scenes, though, were the ones set in the afterlife with Michelle’s father—they were poignant and filled the book with a sense of fate and destiny concerning Michelle’s journey.) The book is well-written and well-paced; plenty of action, whether Michelle is being attacked or trying to take out a target, keeps the plot moving along. I also liked how Michelle’s trade—assassin—made me think about good and evil in the book’s world and how politics informs that dichotomy.
I would recommend “Daughters of Vengeance” to readers who like fantasy featuring a female hero and plenty of action, though the level of violence and some sexual content may make it inappropriate for younger readers.
– E Lucas

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