KickStarter for Rebel Queen

The time has come. I’ve been working on Rebel Queen for a few months now and I’m getting close to handing it over to a professional editor. Now, full disclosure…my budget is sufficient to release this book. So whether the KickStarter works or not, Rebel Queen will be released on December 1, 2015!

I have another fantastic artist lined up and working on the cover as I write this.

After the editor is done, Rebel Queen will go out to my Beta Readers for feedback.

All told, I should be putting the final touches on a publishable manuscript by November.

So why the hell am I doing a KickStarter?


Well. It’s pretty simple really. Marketing. It’s actually incredibly difficult to market books. I have a great following, but in order to reach new readers and expand beyond what I’ve established so far…I have to reach out to new people. Not everyone finds my books on Amazon, nor do they just stumble upon my work by typing¬†dragon into a search engine. There are so many writers out there (both good and bad) and it’s pretty easy to get lost in the crowd.

So, in an effort to expand the readership base and get the word out that a new book is on the horizon…I’m prepared to do some extra (albeit fun) work. The threat of carpel tunnel has never been more imminent. I’ll sign just about anything you shove in front of me, including my own work. So have a look at the KickStarter and share it with your family and friends! Help me get the word out there!

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