Jim Breuer: More Than Me

Love him or hate him, Jim Breuer is one of the voices of our generation. If I have my way though, maybe my daughter will start carrying my ridiculous fanboy torch for him and others like him that have always managed to make me laugh. Names like George Carlin and Lenny Bruce are easy to toss around as comedy icons and Louie CK is quickly becoming one as well. Jim Breuer though has been one of my favorites for years, and it went farther back than his SNL days.

This documentary could easily be called “an ode to my dad” and any son who has had a rocky relationship with his father would get a lot out of this film if that’s all that it was. But like all things Breuer, it’s more than what is on the surface that makes you laugh.

The film follows Jim Jr. as he goes on a stand-up comedy tour and drags his dad along for the ride. Some people might think that dragging an 84 year old man out of his comfortable chair is cruel, but it’s done out of such love that I can’t imagine anyone but the most heartless haters could have a problem with it. While shedding some light on dealing with our parents getting older, this film shows how one father and son squeeze some life and some laughs out of weeks trapped on a tour bus together.

Loved it.

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