Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to my humble little abode on the interwebs.

Allow me, for a moment, to put my cards on the table; I’m a writer. I am not an editor, marketer or social media expert. I’ve tried just about everything one can think of to market myself and my books and frankly, I just don’t have the knack.

From now on, I’ll be focusing on my craft. Carving out time to hop on twitter or facebook to shill my merch is too time consuming. Hunting down reviewers and sending off form letters is depressing work. Submitting to contests makes me feel like I’m back in school looking for teachers approval. Frankly, it’s all mundane garbage and it ruins my mood.


If you’d like to review my novels, short stories or ability to use social media like a retiree…please contact me and I’ll send you a copy in whatever reader format you need. I love and appreciate all of the support I’ve received over the last two years. I’d like to focus on creating more and hunting around for indie author tips less.

So, if you want to review my work and want a free copy for your efforts, just click on “contact me” for more information. I’m also always on the lookout for beta readers and ARC’s are available when I’m getting close to publishing.

Thanks for checking out the website and enjoy,


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