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Review Copies

I’m always thrilled when people ask to review my work, I have very little I ask in return. All of my sales as an indie author are done through Amazon/Kindle, as such reviews become an extremely important part of what makes my books succeed. I’m happy to provide reviewers a free copy (in whatever eReader format you need) to read and review for their blogs or review websites. All that I ask is that you also put a review up on Amazon. Goodreads is also a great place to meet readers, so I would appreciate a review there as well. It doesn’t have to be “Odyssey” in length, a quick blurb with your honest feelings about my work is more than sufficient and greatly appreciated.


Beta/ARC Readers

I am always looking to expand my pool of beta readers. My work is extremely important to me and I want to release the best product possible. I need as many eyes as I can get on my work prior to publishing in order to accomplish that goal. The bonus is you get to read the latest book before anyone else.

ARC (advanced reading copy) Readers tend to be reviewers who would like to gain access to a review copy just prior to publication. I would like to begin timing these events to take place during the first week of publication. This is the only bit of shameless self-promotion I do, though it’s largely done to announce the release of a new novel versus banging the drum for no apparent reason.

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