Happy New Year and Thanks!

So, Rebel Queen had my best launch yet…THANK YOU! If you got your copy, make sure you take a few seconds and leave a review on Amazon.


There are a couple house cleaning items I’m including in this update, first is the removal of MailChimp from the website. If you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’re getting everything anyway and frankly…I already suck so horribly at social media promotions.

Speaking of which, I’ve commissioned a plushie of Cassandra from Rebel Queen. Later this month I’ll be using a service called “RaffleCopter” to give that, a signed copy of the book and other stuff away, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, I’ve got stuff to do…later!




Rebel Queen launches!

Rebel Queen officially launched this morning!

rebel queen concept 6Cassandra has a problem, and it’s only the first of many. Being raised as the youngest child in a family of great heroes would be a challenge for anyone.

Until a few days ago, Cassandra was content with her role as a child of greatness. She was studious, spent most of her waking hours with her mother and other heads of state and at her father’s insistence, learned how to duel. As her siblings had before her, Cassandra knew she would likely be matched with a partner for political reasons and had long since accepted her role in the world.

That was, of course, before her mother died, and before her…transformation. Overnight, her soft pale skin sprouted gorgeous golden dragon scales.

Presented with a future she no longer recognizes, as the first of her kind, she must overcome a whole new set of challenges if she hopes to survive the unknown threat that comes from across the Careless Sea.

The Sakwa dragonkin are a dying race, fueled by a tribal system that failed them centuries ago but yet unable to adapt to a new way of life. In a desperate bid to keep the people focused on outside conflict, Jenya of the Toho has declared war on Cassandra’s country. An ocean may separate the two cultures, but the Sakwa see the Seven Kingdoms as their opportunity for a new start; a new start they will willingly kill and die for.



Rebel Queen – character list & map

If there are two things synonymous with fantasy literature they are maps and character lists. It just seems to be those constants and everyone enjoys using.Sipala-final

Now, a map is for obvious reasons; a whole world has been created and it would be easier to navigate that world with a map. Some are extravagantly detailed while others are bare and simplistic, but they tend to be as common as stew is for a meal.

Character lists tend to come and go. I’ve always included them because I tend to use them as I’m writing. What you guys get is very basic, while mine tend to be short stories in an effort to keep everyone’s personalities intact as I’m working on the story.

Rebel Queen – characters


Many moon ago, I wrote a short blurb for a reviewer who wanted more clarification on the way my dragons are organized. So, I put on my most sarcastic hat and wrote it from the point of view of one of those dragons…and my personal favorite…Socolis.

Concerning Dragons


We’re a little less than a week away from launch and both of the map and character sheet are, of course, in the book. This is merely an aperitif and part of my thanks for all of your support over the last year and more.