Beta Readers needed for Daughter of Vengeance

The rough draft of my new novel, Daughter of Vengeance, is ready for editing/re-writing. If you are interested in getting your hands on my latest offering, send me an email directly at needs are these;

– readers/critiques submit a non-disclosure agreement. Nothing crazy, just a standard short thing.

– complete the read/review in 4-6 weeks max.

– be completely honest in your critique, if there are glaring grammar issues that tear you out of the story…I need to hear about them. If in my excitement I glossed over an important plot point, let me know. full disclosure and I promise I take none of it personally. It’s for my own good.

Daughter of Vengeance is about a young girl named Michelle who is taken in and apprenticed to Samantha, a master assassin.
Over the course of the book, as Michelle ages, she is confronted by demons of her families past and is set on a collision course to right the wrongs of her ancestors and put an end to a very real threat to the Kingdom of Rouen.

This novel is all about taking standard fantasy architypes and spinning them on their ears. The first chapter alone deals with death from a more celebratory point of view and my protagonist is a brash, but feminine murderer who must do what her male ancestors had failed to accomplish.

So if you’re interested at all, shoot me an email. Thanks all!

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