Daughter of Vengeance released!

This is my third novel and something entirely new for me as it’s a different genre of fantasy altogether as well as being written in large part from the point of view of the female protagonist. Fantasy is a fairly niche market and tends to scare away new readers by being overly formulaic or needlessly detailed. The joy of reading is having something to use your imagination for; otherwise you might as well watch TV or play video games. I purposefully tell fantasy stories that are accessible to a wider audience who are entertained by magic, mystery and swordplay but have trouble losing themselves in the lives of characters whose names they can’t even pronounce.





Book Description:

A young lady is thrust into a world of espionage, betrayal and murder against her will. A survivor at heart, she befriends a master assassin who takes Michelle as her apprentice. Her new taskmaster is demanding and sparing in her praise, but Michelle is resolute in her desire to prove herself worthy.
After years of training and careful planning, she begins her life as one of the Kings many spies and returns to a world much more prepared for the trials that await her. Unknown to her, and her masters, a plot has slowly been unraveling which will not only destroy the fragile peace of the Kingdom of Rouen, but could descend the world into chaos and war.
Can Michelle rise above the short-comings and failures of her predecessors and set right the wrongs done centuries before? And will her life be the ultimate price she pays for the sins of others?

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